Women's Hoodies & Sweaters


Women's Athletic Sweatshirts and Pullovers

Comfortable fabrics, moisture-wicking technology and a seamless combination of both in-demand fashion and much-needed function, these are the fundamental building blocks of every piece in our New Balance Women's Hoodies and Sweatshirts Collections.

The Women's Collection of athletic hoodies and Sweatshirts was thoughtfully curated with your needs, wants, and desires in mind. As a result, our selection is as cozy as it is performance-enhancing, as fashionable as it is practical, and as timeless as it is trendy. Our wide variety of options are all essential additions to any wardrobe - from the classic look of women's full zip hoodies and pullovers to our eccentric and effortless NB Athletics AOP Animal Print Crew.

New Balance ladies' hoodies contain the finest fabrics with high-tech additions specific to the functionality each piece is designed with thoughtful touches to ensure figure-flattering fits. This collection does more than ensure you perform your best - it also keeps you looking stylish while doing it.

No matter your style preference, your athletic ambitions, or your performance needs, our sweatshirts and pullovers can bring you and your goals to the next level - all the while ensuring you look and feel like the athlete you are. Whether you are headed to the gym for warm-up or need to keep warm on a winter run, we have you covered.

Pair the unmatched comfort of our hoodies and sweatshirts with other cool and stylish New Balance apparel. You're in luck - our fleece hoodies and athletic quarter zips are the perfect addition to any of the pieces in our New Balance Women's pants, leggings, capris, and joggers collection.