Vestes de sport pour femme


Women's Athletic Jackets and Vests

Who says bundling up means slowing down? At New Balance, we believe in crafting high-quality outerwear that never messes with your pace. Our windbreakers, jackets, and vests are designed to keep you warm and dry - all without sacrificing style or comfort. Whether you need a cozy jacket to keep you warm during relaxing and leisurely days or a sleek windbreaker to help you go the extra mile, our diverse and distinct collection of women's sports jackets, vests and windbreakers can help you achieve anything you reach for.

Available in a wide selection of cuts, styles, colors, and fabrics, our New Balance Women's Outerwear collection is rooted in a deliberate balance of seamless comfort, effortless style, durable hardware, and next-level performance. With fun nods to nostalgic, retro styles as well as sleek, high-tech looks that will become the in-demand staple in your wardrobe you turn to time and again, there's a pick for every preference out there.

Our windbreakers, winter running jackets and vests don't just look amazing. They are also carefully designed to keep you warm, comfortable, and dry. All the while ensuring that whatever you do - running the track, exercising in the gym, tearing up the field, or soaking up a rest day - you're more successful than ever.

Hoping to create a layered look? Our New Balance Women's windbreakers, running jackets, vests, and more are the perfect addition on top of our long sleeve shirtsor paired with our pants, leggings, capris, and joggers.


S’emmitoufler ne veut pas dire que vous ralentirez le rythme. Avec les vêtements de performance de New Balance, comme les vestes de course pour femme ou les cols à fermeture à glissière, les éléments n’auront pas raison de vous. Des courses actives aux moments de loisirs, notre sélection de vêtements de performance est idéale pour toute activité.