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Go all out in the most comfortable cleat in the game — designed by you. The durable NB1 3000 cleat features lightweight REVlite cushioning and a custom insert that helps give even more cushioning in the heel. Plus, the collar design provides comfort and support whether you’re at a full sprint or standing still. Choose the cut, plate type and colors you want, then prepare to dominate the field.
  • Semelle intercalaire rembourrée légère
  • Fabriquées aux États-Unis depuis plus de 75 ans et représentant une part limitée de nos ventes aux États-Unis. New Balance Made est une collection haut de gamme qui englobe une valeur nationale d’au moins 70 %.
  • Empeigne synthétique
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An innovative foam compound providing the same responsiveness and durability of New Balance foams 30% heavier. REVlite offers a lightweight ride without minimizing construction or sacrificing underfoot cushioning or stability.

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