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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a receipt?
You can print a receipt for your records anytime by logging in to your account.

I received part of my order, where is the rest?
From time to time some items in your order may ship separately. If you have any questions or concerns about your order, please contact our Customer Care Department at (888) 832-7084 and an expert will be happy to help you.

Do you price match?
We cannot price match the offers of our independent retailers. However, we do offer the largest available selection of New Balance shoes and apparel, as well as a 30-day no-hassle Return Policy with Free Returns.

Do I need to set up an account to order online?
Setting up an account is completely optional. If you would prefer not to, simply check out as a "New Customer or Guest".

I forgot my password, what should I do?
Visit the account login page to start the password reset process. You should receive an email from us within several minutes. If you do not, check your spam or junk mail folder or verify that there is an account associated with that email address. Note: Your account could be locked out if you have had too many incorrect log-in attempts. If this occurs, then please wait at least two hours before attempting the reset process again. You do not have to set up an account to place an order on our site.

How do I know your site is safe?
New Balance takes credit card information security seriously. To ensure the information you provide online is secure during transmission, we employ leading edge encryption technology and Secure Socket Layers (SSL) while processing any personal information you supply. These controls are certified by VeriSign®, a leading Internet security company. Learn more about Secure Shopping on

Do you have a particular shoe in stock? offers the widest selection of New Balance shoes available anywhere, but typically focuses on premier and popular styles in each category. Our site lists all available styles and sizes. If your size isn't listed, it's currently not in stock.

Why do you update your styles?
Sometimes new "updated" shoe models have new technology added to enhance the performance of the shoe. For other shoe models, there may simply be a small variation from the previous shoe model, for example, new color, style or new midsole material. When we make a change it is designed to benefit you. We only release the new model after significant planning, followed by extensive wear-testing.

My shoes squeak. What can I do?
We make our shoes with removable inserts. Sometimes air or moisture can get trapped between the insert and the rest of the shoe and cause a squeak, or the way an orthotic fits can cause friction and therefore noise. A common fix that often works is to sprinkle some baby powder down into the shoe. Squeaking is common if you wear your own orthotics, so try baby powder or even a folded paper towel or dryer sheet, and you should notice an immediate difference. Contact us if you still have trouble.

How do I clean my shoes?
The suggested cleaning method for New Balance shoes is to use a light bristle brush (old tooth brush) and a light detergent (dish washing or laundry). Scrub the shoes with the brush and use a damp cloth to wipe clean. You can also immerse them in water. Allow shoes to air dry thoroughly for about twenty-four hours. If purchasing a cleaning product, be sure that it is silicon-based to prevent any possible damage to the footwear. Putting shoes through a washing machine cycle is NOT recommended. **Note that if you have suede shoes or leather shoes you would need to use a suede or leather cleaner. Follow the instructions on the brand of cleaner you are using to clean your shoes.

What is a shoe last?
A shoe last is the 360° model upon which a shoe is constructed. Combined with size and width, the shoe last helps you achieve the best overall fit for your feet.

How do I know which size or width to order?
The best way to determine size is to simply check the size of your shoes which fit the best. We list helpful sizing tips on our site too, or feel free to contact us.

Why don't you make this shoe in my size or width?
Though New Balance is known for producing the most extensive range of sizes and widths, we're unable to make every style in every size/width combination. We strive to provide options for everyone, so contact us if you would like some help.

Did you change your sizes? My usual size did not fit!
It's frustrating when you purchase a new shoe that doesn't fit, but we can help you identify the reasons behind the difficulty. First, keep in mind that we make shoes on multiple shoe lasts and the shoe last used during construction affects the overall fit and feel of the shoe. A shoe made on the SL-1 shoe last will feel different than shoes made on the SL-2. Plus, sometimes after wearing a shoe for a long time and our feet become used to it, even if there is barely any cushioning or support left. As a result, new shoes with fresh cushioning and support can feel different. There could also be slight differences resulting from the hands-on nature of shoe manufacturing and the materials used. Another factor to consider is that feet do change over time, so it's a good idea to have them professionally measured to rule out a possible size change.


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