Performance 3/4 Sleeve Top

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Looking for that great go-between? Throw on the Performance ¾ sleeve top for those in between days when it’s not quite warm enough to go short sleeve but not cold enough to merit a jacket.

Performance 3/4 Sleeve Top

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Performance 3/4 Sleeve Top

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In our Performance 3/4 Sleeve Top, nothing will get in your way on the court—especially not your sleeves. Their shortened length and elastic cuffs ensure they sit flat, out of the way of your racket. Plus, the rich fabric has mesh panels at the side for ventilation, and tennis specific underarm gussets. Now you’re ready for your golden set.
  • Material: 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex
  • "N" houndstooth burn out stretch mesh under arm with no seam gusset
  • Athletic fit
  • Dropped back hem
  • Imported
  • Soft tipped elastic at cuff
  • UV Protection from the sun's harmful rays
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Sweat-activated cooling
Fast drying
2-way air circulation.

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