Men's Baseball Cleats & Turf Shoes


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Men's Baseball Cleats & Turf Shoes

Michael Harris II, sitting in a dugout, wearing NB FuelCell 4040v7 Turf Trainers with black joggers, a dark-blue NB baseball jersey over a purple hoodie, and a white beanie Michael Harris II, sitting in a dugout, wearing NB FuelCell 4040v7 Turf Trainers with black joggers, a dark-blue NB baseball jersey over a purple hoodie, and a white beanie

FuelCell 4040v7

FuelCell 4040v7

Men's Baseball Cleats and Shoes

Leave it all on the field with New Balance's collection of Men's Baseball Shoes. Whether you seek the ultimate pair of men's metal baseball cleats, molded cleats with the perfect fit, or a comfortable pair of slides for before and after the big game, this mindfully curated collection of Baseball Shoes has something for every serious player seeking functionality, durability, a responsive ride and of course, a comfortable solution.

With a wide variety of metal cleats and baseball shoes to choose from, our collection promises a traction-improving, durable and responsive ride for even the most high-pressure games. Featuring industry-leading technology like FRESH FOAM EVA midsoles for optimal comfort, our metal cleats and turf baseball shoes ensure all-game comfort, superior traction on indoor and outdoor surfaces and technology-led design based on cutting-edge data to enhance natural movements.

Seeking something to cater to your feet during off-time? Arrive at the field in comfort and celebrate your victory in style with our pre-and-post-game collection of men's baseball shoes. Our uniquely designed selection of training shoes is the ultimate solution to foot fatigue faced by athletes committed to pushing themselves to the next level. With ultra-soft CUSH+ midsoles, foot-hugging mesh and machine-washable construction, our collection of baseball training shoes revives your feet, ensuring that you'll step out on the field refreshed and renewed for every inning.

Whether you're racing home, pitching a no-hitter, or holding down the fort in the outfield, New Balance's Collection of Men's Baseball Shoes is there for you, guaranteed to have your back (and your feet) inning after inning.

How do you clean baseball cleats?

Try to avoid wearing your cleats anywhere but on the field. First, knock your cleats together to loosen up the dirt and debris that might be caked on. Next, use a rag or brush and your preferred laundry detergent to scrub away soaked in stains. Use a wet rag to wash off the soap. Let them dry out completely before you wear them again.

How do you break in baseball cleats?

Sometimes, baseball cleats need a little time to reach the perfect amount of comfort, but luckily, breaking in your new cleats doesn’t have to be difficult. At New Balance, we recommend trying to use your cleats in small doses before you put them on for the first big game when wearing them. Use them when you practice on the field, take a jog in them on the field on non-game days, try to stretch and bend them into a V-shape for a few days to loosen them up.

What’s the difference between baseball cleats and football cleats?

Baseball cleats are designed to help players get the traction they need to dig into the field while batting, throwing, and running. Ultimately, cleats help provide better performance for players and are made with either metal or synthetic materials. Football cleats are designed to offer protection, provide durability, and enhance movement.

What is the difference between soccer and baseball cleats?

Baseball cleats are designed to help with traction and performance when on the baseball field, and most importantly, help players dig into the ground when they’re batting, running, and throwing. Soccer cleats, on the other hand, are designed to help with traction, speed, and continuous running. Often, they’re much lighter than baseball or football cleats.

What age can you wear metal baseball cleats?

Metal cleats are permitted to be worn by leagues and teams that are 13+. Any player in a little league division under 13 may not wear metal cleats.

What are the benefits of low-cut vs. mid-cut cleats?

Low-cut cleats offer players benefits like agility, lighter weight, and speed because they are often more aerodynamic and comfortable. That being said, mid-cut cleats offer players a little extra support and stability, especially in the ankle area. All in all, it comes down to personal preference and comfort.